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Comments Submitted for Medicare Part C and D

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Justice in Aging submitted extensive comments to the draft 2016 Call Letter for Medicare Part C and Part D plans to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS issues the Call Letter annually to highlight areas where it is changing requirements on plans for the coming year, to request input on program elements where the agency is considering future changes and to identify areas where it is looking for improvements in plan performance.  The Justice in Aging comments applauded CMS for much of the content of the draft. We noted specific areas where increasing complexity in plan design is making it increasingly difficult for beneficiaries to navigate the Part D benefit and urged CMS to continue rigorous review of formulary structure changes that create consumer confusion.  We also argued for more translation of key beneficiary communications in the program.  In addition to its own comments, Justice in Aging also joined twenty other advocacy organizations in a letter, spearheaded by the Medicare Rights Center, expressing strong support for CMS guidance requiring better adherence by plans to notice requirements for coverage denials in Part C and D and encouragement for CMS to explore ways to strengthen the appeals process and make it more accessible to beneficiaries. Read the call letter.


ISSUE BRIEF: Medicaid Expansion and Transition Issues for California Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

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November 2013 –The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will afford millions of uninsured individuals with healthcare coverage through the expansion of Medicaid and the creation of state healthcare exchanges.

A new NSCLC issue brief, Medicaid Expansion in California: Opportunities and Challenges for Older Adults and People with Disabilities, provides an overview of these new coverage options and how they impact seniors and people with disabilities.  The brief also explores how people receiving coverage under Medicaid expansion and exchanges will transition into Medicare coverage when they turn 65 or otherwise become eligible.

The brief is designed to help both advocates and policymakers understand how new coverage options impact seniors and people with disabilities.  The brief will help advocates better prepare to serve their clients and communities.  Policymakers are provided a set of both short-term and long-term recommendations on how to ensure smooth transitions between new coverage options and Medicare.

While the issue brief focuses on how these issues play out in California, much of the information is relevant to advocates and policymakers in other states as well.  NSCLC is excited to work with stakeholder in all states to ensure that the promise of the Affordable Care Act is fulfilled for low-income seniors and would welcome the opportunity to explore these issues in your state.