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Health Network Alert – HHS Issues New Guidance on Implementing Person-Centered Planning and Self-Direction

(07/24/2014)  On June 6, 2014, the Secretary of Health and Human Services issued guidance on person-centered planning and self-direction for implementing Section 2402(a) of the Affordable Care Act.

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Health Network Alert – State Transition Plans for New Medicaid HCBS Regulations: Four Tips for Consumer Advocates

(07/22/2014)  States now are beginning to release their transition plans to bring their Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS) systems into compliance with the new federal regulations on community-based settings. It is essential that consumers and their representatives be prepared …

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Health Network Alert – New Advocacy Guide for State HCBS Transition Plans, and National Consumer Groups Request CMS Action

(06/20/2014)  To assist government officials and stakeholders, NSCLC has written Just Like Home: An Advocate’s Guide for State Transitions Under the New Medicaid HCBS Rules.  The guide provides analysis and recommendations for multiple aspects of the new regulations, including determining …

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WEBINAR: Understanding and Impacting Implementation of New Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Rules

 April 29, 2014 New federal Medicaid rules would, for the first time, set standards that seek to ensure Medicaid HCBS is provided in non-institutional settings, however, many details remain to be determined by individual states. Consumers, advocates and other stakeholders … Continue reading

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2014 Home and Community-Based Services Policy Brief

This brief describes how Medicaid continues to give preference to long term services and supports in institutional settings, and provides recommendations to expand and improve home and community-based services for every eligible Medicaid beneficiary.

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2014 Home and Community-Based Services Fact Sheet

This fact sheet shares national data on home and community-based services including who provides services, how much states are spending on long term services and supports for elders, and more.

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Assisted Living: California 20 Years Behind Times, Residents at Risk

In this short article for California Healthline, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson writes, “California’s assisted living system is decades out of date. As a result, the state’s assisted living residents — elderly and generally vulnerable — are increasingly at risk from substandard … Continue reading

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Senior Poverty: Action Needed to Address a Growing Problem

Written statement from NSCLC to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging on March 5, 2014 in which NSCLC recommends strengthening the safety net, improving SSI, increasing the availability of health care programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Savings Programs … Continue reading

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Statement of NSCLC: Congress Should Pick Up Commission on Long Term Care Baton

Dec. 19, 2013 WASHINGTON, DC — The Commission on Long-Term Care accomplished an important goal: elevating the conversation in Washington about the need to improve long-term care.  The Commission report and the alternative report call attention to the urgent need …

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ISSUE BRIEF: Medicaid Expansion and Transition Issues for California Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

November 2013 –The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will afford millions of uninsured individuals with healthcare coverage through the expansion of Medicaid and the creation of state healthcare exchanges. A new NSCLC issue brief, Medicaid Expansion in California: Opportunities and Challenges … Continue reading

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